Brian Walski Discusses His Doctored Photo

Brian Walski  spoke with PDN senior editor David Walker about what he did, how he feels about his actions, and what his plans are now.

The conversation started with Brian Walski said that his career isn’t looking so good now.In addition he spoke about what he is gonna do now.As he said he doesn’t blame anybody but hiself.A lot of people siad him “well you were under stress”. As he said then he put the pictures together, he knew what he is doing. The pictures looked better than he expected so he said “wow”. Things happened so fast. He had ten frames of soldiers totally cut off.At some point he have zoomed out.When the guy came up with the baby, he shot off ten more frames. He had only one photo from soldier where you could see his face. So he put four pictures on his laptop,he worked them and sent them.

When David Walker asked him if ot crossing from his mind theat he could get in trouble he said not really because he wasn’t debating the ethics or the ramifications of it when he was doing it. It was a 14 hour day and he was tired, the only thing that he want was only to make a better image.He feels really bad because he believes that with his actions insulted his co-workers.

After Brian Walski spoke about his co-workers who as he say they’ve been nice and supportive with him. He have not heard from everybody,a lot of them shocked because The Times is such a high quality operation nobody would think of doing this. He wake up in the morning and he can’t believe what he did, that it’s happened to him,and he can’t blame anybody except hiself. Also he said that they were in Iraq at the same point for six days.They were sleeping in their cars there was no safe have not any place to relax and get a good  night’s sleep. It was constant tension and as he said maybe that led him to that. Also he says that he did not notice that in the combined picture some people repeated. He says that he put them togetger and he thought that “Looks good” .

He accepted full responsibility as soon as they called him, because he knew that he was doing something that was clearly wrong and unethical.Also he says that his all career it’s over and if it’s no over it’s certainly going to change dramatically.If he start doing commercial work he has to start out from the bottom..Also says that  there was incident with the New York Times Photographer who denied it , fought it, and it got ugly. He thinks that therw was no point, he was not about to do the this. Then they called thim that nighr Collin [ Crawford, The Times director of photo] said him. ‘Give me an excuse. Tell me it was sattellite tranmission problem. Say something’.And Brian Walski said “No,I did it, I combined the two pictures’.



David Walker, Wednesday, May 7 2003, photo district news (  30/10/09


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