Brian Walski Biography

Brian Walski was born in Illinois , grew up in Chicago and studied journalism at  Northern Illinois University which is a public university located in DeKalb, Illinois, United States. He started his career as a photographer at the Albuquerque Journal which is the largest morning  newspaper in the state of  New Mexico. After he spent 12 years of his career on a staff  at Herald Boston until he joined the Los Angeles Times in September, 1998.

During his career  he covered a lots of significant news from local news to The Gulf War, famine in Africa, Northern Ireland, the conflict in Kashmir and the crisis in the Balkans.


On March 30, 2003 Brian Walski who covered the Invasion of Iraq, took a number of pictures and after of extremely long, hot and stressful day as he said in his e-mail to the entire photography staff of the Times, admitted his lapse, that he combined two pictures to make one superior picture.

After Walski’s picture ran on the Times’ front page on March 31, 2003, editors at the Hartford Courant noticed that several people in the photo appeared twice. Walski, who had been on the Times staff since 1998, was fired the following day.


Since the scandal Brian Walski opened a private company called

Brian Walski Photography in the Denver (Colorado)




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